James Cameron Tweets from the Bottom of the Sea

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Hey, does your cell phone reception suck? Clearly you are not James Cameron, who Tweeted from the Mariana Trench's Challenger Deep yesterday, the deepest and creepiest part of the ocean.

"Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt. Hitting bottom never felt so good. Can't wait to share what I'm seeing w/ you @DeepChallenge," he wrote.

No, it wasn't part of a promo for the release of "Titanic 3D," just another day for the writer/director/producer whose interest in both technology and the deep blue sea has resulted in some seriously groundbreaking discoveries.

Actually, it was part of his Deep Sea Challenge that he's been prepping for for years.

According to National Geographic, Cameron is the first human to take the 6.8 mile plunge all by himself, which took two hours and 36 minutes. (Cameron is the third person to reach the Challenger Deep; US Navy Captain Don Walsh and the late Jacques Piccard went down in 1960 together.)

He also snagged 3-D video of the dive and samples of sea critters while he was down there. Cameron told NatGeo before he went under, "There is scientific value in getting stereo images because... you can determine the scale and distance of objects from stereo pairs that you can't from 2-D images." Plus, it looks awesome. (That's unofficial scientific lingo.) Cameron's specially designed one-man sub is small enough to make a claustrophobic sweat at a mere 43 inches wide.

Cameron seems to be recovering from the stress of the dive well enough to Tweet this morning how jazzed he was to be on dry land. "Back from trip to deepest pl on Earth -#oceans hadal zone. Puts a new spin on 'to hell and back'. Good to see the sunshine."

As Omar from "The Wire" would say, "Oh, indeed."