Panem Map Gives Birth to the 'Hunger Games' Nation

[caption id="attachment_119139" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="aimmyarrowshigh"]Map of Panem[/caption]

There have been many fan-made maps of the sprawling realm of "The Hunger Games," but never one quite this … intense.

The bloggers of aimmyarrowshigh and badguys were inspired to make their extremely detailed, multi-layered map of Panem by the fact that most Panem maps only seem to cover the United States. As Panem is supposed to be what remains of all of North America, both Canada and Mexico need to be considered, even though it's perfectly logical that chunks of those land masses were lost to the sea as a result of excessive bombing and other stuff that leads to the landscape of the post-apocalypse.

They also paid special attention to the specific geographical placement of the 12 districts, based on details and clues from the "Hunger Games" novel as well as just good old-fashioned speculation with regards to inter-District relationships and how they fit into the Capitol's fascist puzzle.

Um … wow.

The final map, which we expect would impress even Suzanne Collins herself, is below. You can see the many steps that were taken to bring it to life at aimmyarrowshigh.

Map of Panem