MovieTracker on TV: Why Are People Hating On 'The Hunger Games?'

In the world's biggest shocker ever, "The Hunger Games" is currently the internet's most buzzed about movie according to our very own uber-cool online buzz-o-meter, MovieTracker. Also a surprise? The sky is blue. Film at 11.

Or actually, film at right now, because NextMovie's senior editor Brooke Tarnoff appeared on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" today to talk about what you're talking about — but "BMBL" host Carrie just wanted to know why a few folks are actually giving the movie (*gasp*) negative buzz.

"I think there's a tendency for some people to have a knee jerk aversion to anything too mainstream or too popular," Tarnoff says, "and they kind of want their friends to shut up and stop tweeting about it." So what else are people saying about "The Hunger Games?" Check out the clip — and arm yourself for your next online buzz battle.