Fans Take to Twitter to Review 'The Hunger Games'

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Last night, masses of "The Hunger Games" faithful made the midnight trek to the cineplex to watch the games ensue for the first of what is likely to be many viewings.

And as the first set of screenings began to let out, Twitter was ablaze with praise for the movie. "THG" and #HungerGames trended for several hours following the debut, and tweeters were at the ready with their 140-character-or-less reactions.

Here are a few (unedited) that came our way.

What Was the Best Scene?

[caption id="attachment_97530" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Lionsgate"]Amandla Stenberg as Rue in "The Hunger Games"[/caption]

@Cheishya Favorite scene has to be the beginning of the games when katniss bumped into foxface!

@M_D1976 The 3 finger salute with district 11 was heartbreaking...

@thee_cachie Fav. Scene Katniss getting stung by tracker jackers & has hallucinations.The dream sequence w/her fathers story

@N_KINLAW when Katniss defies the Capital & when Katniss kills to try to protect Rue

@MonsterMaX3 The 1st scene w/ Katniss and Cinna when he introduces himself. And the one where he readys her for the Games

@MsRosie89 Rue's burial scene! The most touching as well.

@kiwistew the blowing up of the food/supplies at the cornicopia, rues death, trackerjacker attack

@GraceSimms The Rue parts were hands down the best.

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How Was Jennifer Lawrence As Katniss?

@readsthings JL was perfect Katniss. Every flinch/grimace/smile really meant something. The scene with Rue was brutally raw in the best way

@MsAnnie26 She OWNED it!

@kayliebot Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss

@_iwry_ she's perfect as Katniss!

@lostinsuburbia Amazing. She was the perfect Katniss.

@mel452 She nailed the real emotional scenes & the close ups really showed she was feeling it all.

@rpattznurse Definitely Katniss. Jennifer did a great job. I really did feel scared for her.

How Was Josh Hutcherson As Peeta?

@Annabella_Prinx I think he's a really good actor, I've followed his career since he was just a kid and I'm convinced by his role as Peeta

@teamcullen4 I loved the Kat and Peeta scenes but I wish there would have been more.

@lisey_t I thought Josh was the perfect Peeta. He played him the exact way I fell in love with him in the book

@Gina_Mendez Loved him so much. Perfect Peeta!

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More Thoughts

@Hazeleyedkell21 goood! But the camera angles gave me a headache after a while

@evicort the movie was well translated,I expected a bit more from the cave, the small details made the movie like Cinna eyes and Haymitch's sweetheart, Effie's reactions,Jennifer did an excellent Katniss & Caesar Flickerman was AWESOME. Peeta & Gale didn't sell it, at least for me, will watch it again nevertheless

@BalancingAct_ I can't pick just one favourite scene. I thought the whole movie was great!

@ForReelBlog GREAT movie!!! Loved it!!!

@Mama_Cougar I saw/felt zero chemistry between Katniss and any male character, except maybe Cinna.

@OCtwilightmom I LOVED how they portrayed the president and the game makers, it was fantastic to have that insight to their characters and scenes that did happen, but werent in the book.

@A_Bitten_Diva Amazing cast. Amazing adaption. Incredibly emotionally invoking. Rue's death gutted me. I was disgusted. I laughed. I sobbed.

@stinamarielucas couldn't have been better! It was amazing! I really felt it and i was so happy w/ how it was adapted.

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