Cool Clicks: The Favorite Films of Jennifer Lawrence

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The fact that she's a fan of "Harold and Maude" makes her even cooler (if that's possible). "The Hunger Games" star Jennifer Lawrence reveals her five all-time favorite movies to Rotten Tomatoes ("The Big Lebowski" is another one — more cool points!).

What, they're not going to do one that takes place at Sea World? The third "Hangover" will be hitting theaters on May 24, 2013, and director Todd Phillips says this one will be the last, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Was the MPAA right in the rating it gave to "The Hunger Games?" Some are arguing that giving a post-apocalyptic teen-genocide movie a PG-13 doesn't make any sense when the documentary "Bully" is kept from its target audience with an R rating, according to The Wrap.

Logo TV"I'm not a stripper; I'm a dancer!" In honor of April Fool's Day, Logo TV will be running a 24-hour marathon of one of the greatest cinematic jokes ever pulled: Paul Verhoeven's heartfelt valentine to the ladies who get naked for your pleasure, "Showgirls.""All I can say is … THE ODDS WERE CERTAINLY IN GARY'S FAVOUR!" Readers of "The Hunger Games" fan site chime in with their reactions to the movie that you yourself might be seeing this very instant.

To some people, $231 million isn't a lot of money. Despite the impressive worldwide box office take of a hard-R crime drama (albeit one based on an international bestseller), MGM "booked a modest loss" on "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" — which has the studio wondering how best to approach "The Girl Who Played With Fire," according to The Playlist.