We 'Hope' You Like This New '1984' Adaptation

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In his dystopian masterpiece "1984," author George Orwell predicted a future where propaganda and mass media are used to control the population. But there's one thing even he probably couldn't have predicted: That his own novel would be turned into a mass media project by a modern master of political propaganda.

Is the new "1984" movie the beginning of the end?!

Well, no. Actually, it's the beginning of a super cool new project from Ron Howard's Imagine Entertainment, which, according to The Hollywood Reporter, has just teamed up with LBI Entertainment to begin work on a film adaptation of Orwell's 1948 sci-fi classic.

And of particular interest is the fact that artist Shepard Fairey is apparently the driving creative force behind the film; you may not know the name, but you've certainly seen his work, as Fairey was responsible for the famous and ubiquitous "Hope" poster that helped propel Barack Obama to the presidency four years ago.

That would seem to make Fairey the perfect person to work on "1984," which tells the story of a world where "propaganda, surveillance, mind control and cult of personality" are used by the government to manipulate and control the  population. After all, it's clear from his body of work that Fairey has a powerful understanding of how images can be used to form public opinion, so it should be interesting to see him adapt those skills to the world of the movies.

Looks like the future isn't going to be so bad after all.