Cool Clicks: 24 Movie Kids For the Next 'Hunger Games'

[caption id="attachment_118669" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Lionsgate"]The Hunger Games[/caption]

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

Hermione Granger, Ferris Bueller, Augustus Gloop and Johnny from "The Karate Kid," pitted against each other in a battle to the death? Cinema Blend recruits 24 kid characters from other movies as Tributes for the next round of "The Hunger Games."

Ender's Game BlogSpeaking of games, what's going on in the world of "Ender's Game," the epic adventure about a brilliant young strategist who's drafted by the International Fleet to save the human race from nasty space aliens? Follow the progress of the upcoming sci-fi flick via producer Roberto Orci's production blog.

MTV HiveGet behind the music of one of the hottest movies of the year! MTV Hive spoke with Greg Wells, producer of "The Hunger Games" soundtrack, about bringing the songs and sounds of Panem to the masses.

Yahoo! MoviesMight this thing have a shot at an Oscar nomination for Best Sound Effects Editing? "The Three Stooges" goes for the "Jackass" audience with a new last-minute trailer over at Yahoo! Movies.

Harry Potter AllianceHungry to do some good? You can pledge yourself as a Tribute in the battle against hunger by joining the "Hunger is Not a Game" campaign, sponsored by the Harry Potter Alliance, an organization that uses the power of story to inspire fans to work for social change.

Easter's just around the corner, and with it the adventures of the Easter Bunny's teenage son, E.B. Here's a new "sneak peep" of "Phil's Dance Party," an all-new mini-movie that will be featured on the "Hop" Blu-ray and DVD, coming to store shelves and online carts on March 23.