Deep Thoughts With Morgan Freeman: The Mashup

When you see Morgan Freeman, maybe you see God. Or the president of the United States. Or Nelson Mandela, or a kindly old convict, chauffeur, boxing trainer or superhero's business manager. Because he's played all those roles, and he always seems to have the answers to everything, doesn't he? And that voice! We'd buy a bag of broken light bulbs if he only narrated the commercial.

Everything out of Morgan Freeman's mouth not only sounds wise, it IS wise -- and we have proof in this video compilation of every deep, life-changing line the man ever said. Get busy watching this mashup, or get busy dying.

Movies Included (Click to Buy):

Glory | The Bucket List | Evan Almighty | March of the Penguins | Feast of Love | Dreamcatcher | Invictus | Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves | Amistad | Moll Flanders | Unleashed | Edison Force | Along Came a Spider | The Shawshank Redemption | An Unfinished Life |  10 Items of Less | Deep Impact | Bruce Almighty | Wanted | Lean on Me | Million Dollar Baby | The Big Bounce | The Power of One | Seven | Levity | Driving Miss Daisy

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