Stifler's Getting Married … For Real

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Even though his most famous onscreen character remains as puerile as possible — sure, Stifler's got a desk job, but that won't stop him from pooping in someone's beer cooler — Seann William Scott has confirmed that he's tying the knot.

The genial actor, who won us over with his recent turn in the hockey flick "Goon," is getting hitched to model Lindsay Frimodt.

Sean William Scott told E! Online at the "American Reunion" premiere that he doesn't "know how I got a girl like my fiancée." Surely it wasn't with any of the "S**t Stifler Says," right?

In any case, the 35-year-old is on a roll after a few off years, despite being the funniest thing in "Cop Out." (And let us never, ever forget "Role Models," with man crush for the ages Paul Rudd.)

Critics and hockey fans alike have been stomping for "Goon," which is currently on demand and in theaters. The actor plays a brawler who's brought in to fight other hockey players on the ice. However, he meets his match in Ross "The Boss" Rhea (Liev Schreiber), a hockey badass who's been sent to the minor leagues for being a little too rough on the rink.

Along with "American Reunion," he's got the next "Ice Age" animated film coming soon, along with "Movie 43," a spoof of comic book heroes. Nuptials to the young Ms. Frimodt will be icing on the cake.

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