'Extremely Loud' Teen Thomas Horn Books Two More Movies

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Now having reached a ripe old age of 14, "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" star Thomas Horn is extremely hot … in Hollywood, that is.

The brainy thesp who was discovered by Scott Rudin when he saw the then 12-year-old on "Jeopardy!" has just booked not one, but two new feature films.

According to Deadline, Horn will first star in "Space Warriors," a coming-of-age story (we assume) about five kids who win coveted spots at NASA's space camp and spring into action when something goes wrong aboard a space station. Sean McNamara, who most recently brought us sugary sweet Carrie Underwood starrer "Soul Surfer," is directing.

Next, he'll play the lead role alongside Kris Kristofferson in the Chuck Rose-directed "Joe's Mountain," which follows a former ladies' man (Kristofferson) who's miraculously cured of cancer and then, in turn, tries to save a boy with bad lungs by taking him to a magic lake to heal him. Horn will take on the role of the boy in question. We hope that lake does the trick!

Regardless of how that tale turns out when the final credits roll, however, Horn's story is heading for a happy ending indeed. It's not many actors who book three starring roles before they're old enough for their learner's permit.

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