Jake Gyllenhaal Sees Double For 'An Enemy'

[caption id="attachment_13108" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Jake Gyllenhaal[/caption]

Jake Gyllenhaal will soon be starting with the man in the mirror — or, rather, the man on the TV screen.

The former "Prince of Persia" will be reporting for double duty as he's in talks to take on two roles in the new thriller, "An Enemy," according to Variety.

"An Enemy," which is based on Jose Saramago's novel, "The Double," follows a history teacher who rents a DVD and discovers that one of the minor characters is his exact double, at least from five years prior. The teacher tracks down his double and subsequently turns both their lives upside down.

Jake Gyllenhaal's an old hat at dealing with these kinds of bizarre existential conundrums after appearing in "Donnie Darko" and "Source Code," so we're sure he'll be right at home with a story that has him struggling with — well, himself.

"An Enemy" will be the next directing gig for Denis Villeneuve, whose war film, "Incendies," was nominated last year for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Villeneuve will segue from "An Enemy" into "Prisoners," which recently nabbed Hugh Jackman in a role that Michael Fassbender had been circling.

Jake Gyllenhaal, who recently appeared as a serial killer in a music video for The Shoes, has been absent from theaters since last year's sci-fi thriller, "Source Code." He recently passed on director Albert Hughes' dialogue-free "Motor City" and will next be seen in David Ayer's gritty cop drama, "End of Watch," opening Sept. 28.