Tatum and Hill: NextMovie's Most Likely to Everything

Today, they're the stars of the country's current #1 box office winner. But who were Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill during their high school days?

The stars of "21 Jump Street" got to recall their relatively recent pasts, both real and imaginary, when they sat down with MTV's "10 on Top." Tatum let it be known that, contrary to popular belief, he didn't exactly look like "Taylor Kitsch from 'Friday Night Lights'" – or, as Hill puts it, "John Carter from Tampa." Hill took a more meta approach to remembering his own personal style back in high school, saying he actually resurrected his teenage "look" for the movie.

"If myself in high school knew that ten years later I would be putting the way I looked in high school into a movie to get an immediate laugh, he would kill himself," said Hill, laughing at the fact that his past self has now been reduced to little more than a "sight gag."

The boys also conjured a "What If?" version of their high school days as they theorized as to whether their teenage selves would've been friends (of course they would've!) and even gave each other rather touching yearbook titles. It's a real-life bromance!

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