In the Future, You Will Love the 'Sound of My Voice' Trailer

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Brit Marling is from the future. This means that she knows certain things. For instance, she knows who will win the upcoming presidential election. She's already seen not just "The Hunger Games," but "Catching Fire" and "Mockingjay" as well. She can play the stock market like nobody's business. And there's one other thing she knows:

She knows that you're going to plotz when you see the trailer for her new psychological thriller, "Sound of My Voice."

If you're not yet familiar with Marling, don't worry, that's something else the future has in store for pretty much all movie fans. And sooner rather than later, because with "Sound of My Voice," the star of last year's indie sci-fi sensation "Another Earth" plays a creepy cult leader who claims to be from the year 2054. Will journalists Christopher Denham and Nicole Vicius expose her dangerous lies? Or could she actually be from the future?

Whatever the truth, we know one thing: Marling is destined to become a major force in Hollywood. So check out the new trailer for "Sound of My Voice," courtesy of YouTube — and watch the future of cinema unfold before your eyes: