Denis Leary Wants YOU To Help Him Catch 'The Amazing Spider-Man'

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Your friendly neighborhood web-slinger is about to exit through the giftshop in a new viral video for "The Amazing Spider-Man" that spins the Marvel Comics' icon as a graffiti sensation to make even Banksy envious.

But the new YouTube clip from The Daily Bugle not only features these junior Shepard Faireys tagging city walls with special Spidey stencils, it also has an exclusive interview with NYC Police Captain George Stacy (Denis Leary), who has a few choice words for the so-called "hero."

"You say vigilante, I say criminal," urges Stacy. "Five out of the last 10 cases I've personally investigated, he's been witnessed at or near the scene of the crime, 'kay? It doesn't take a detective to realize that's more than a coincidence."

In a brilliant bit of transmedia trickery, Stacy calls for viewers to dial up a special "hotline" to report any sightings. We dialed the number (877-651-8503) and got a recording of a woman pleading to "stop the spread of Spiderism" in the community and to visit the Webbed Menace website to submit videos of Spider-Man in action.