'Olympus Has Fallen:' Gerard Butler Saves Democracy Yet Again

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Between "Wrath of the Titans" and "Prometheus," Greek mythology has pretty much taken over Hollywood these days. So it's only fitting that Gerard Butler, the star of "300," is set to headline the upcoming action thriller "Olympus Has Fallen."

But is it madness? Is it Sparta? No, this... is... the White House!!!

Wait, what?

Okay, so the White House is a far cry from Olympus; in fact, according to Google, it's 4982 miles away. But as the residence of the most powerful being int he world, the White House shares symbolic real estate with the home of the gods. And who better to save it from invasion than King Leonidas himself?

Here's the deal: According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Olympus Has Fallen" "centers on an ex-Secret Service agent who must foil a terrorist attack on the president's residence." No director has yet been chosen, but with Butler on board as star, chances are that Millennium Films will put this one on the fast track.

Personally, we're hoping  Jennifer Aniston plays the president. Whatever the case, though, it's good to have Butler back where he belongs: cracking skulls and saving democracy, one Olympus at a time.