Next Factor: 'The Hunger Games' Star Willow Shields


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Although Katniss was the role most big-name Hollywood actresses were vying for, her little sister Primrose has a very important role in "The Hunger Games." If Prim's name hadn't been called at the Reaping, Katniss would still be chilling back in District 12 with Gale instead of fighting for her life (and the entertainment of Panem and the Capitol).

Playing little Prim is a big deal for a fresh face like Willow Shields, and we'll be getting to know her better and better as "The Hunger Games" catches fire. Get the scoop now.

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Age: 12

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

What She's Done: This is Willow's first big role. She was in one episode of "In Plain Sight" and then had a small role in the Hallmark TV movie "Beyond the Blackboard."

What She's Doing Now: She's Primrose Everdeen, aka Prim, the little sister of Katniss. When her name is picked at the reaping, Katniss steps in for her -- and the real Hunger Games begins.

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Reminds Us of: A touch of Dakota Fanning, AnnaSophia Robb from "Soul Surfer," and Abigail Breslin when she's rocking the blonde locks.

Fun Facts: Willow is home-schooled and digs hanging out with her pet dogs -- and chickens.

Quotable: Would Willow be as badass as Katniss in real life? She told Hollywood Life on the red carpet, "I have a twin sister ... So I can totally relate to that. I would totally do that for her." Sniff.

Shout Out: In the official casting announcement for Prim, Gary Ross wrote, "It's so exciting to find an amazing young actress like the one we just met. Prim is an emotionally demanding role and in many ways she is the cornerstone of the story."

Twitter Handle: @willowshields (She's also on Tumblr.)

What's Next: Nothing's official, but it's a no-brainer that "Catching Fire" will be at the top of everyone's list after "The Hunger Games" comes out.

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