Cool Clicks: The Best of the Worst Spring Break Movies

[caption id="attachment_117316" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Warner Bros."]Spring Breakdown[/caption]

We scour the interwebs for the coolest movie news and more so you don't have to ...

When it comes to movies about spring break, the one that seems to be the consensus favorite is … well, there isn’t one. parties hearty with the best of the worst, from "Spring Breakdown" to, uh, "The Hitcher."

Are you more of a fan of Megamind … or Mugatu? Stay classy and vote for your favorite Will Ferrell character in Moviefone's Will Ferrell Tournament, which pits the many personifications of the "Casa de mi Padre" star against each other in an existential battle to the death.

MTV HiveWhat was it like bringing music to the tale of three super-powered teenagers? MTV Hive talks with Andrea Von Foerster, music supervisor of "Chronicle," who says the biggest misconception about her job is that she just sits around and listens to music all day.

Jack Bauer may be waiting for that countdown clock to begin indefinitely, as The A.V. Club brings news that the oft-delayed "24" movie has been delayed once again. Maybe if we just completely accept the fact that this film will never happen, it actually will.

Yeah, we've heard the phrase "'Sin City 2' will begin shooting this summer" before, Robert Rodriguez. The Hollywood Reporter brings the latest would-be start date for the sequel that's by now about five years too late for anyone to care.

With both "Game of Thrones: Season Two" (April 1) and March Madness (March 15) just around the corner, Screen Junkies has combined the two into a winner-take-all bracket to determine the most popular character from "Games of Thrones." Stake your claim in the "Best of Westeros" Tournament!