Emma Roberts Visits the 'Empire State'

[caption id="attachment_53242" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Emma Roberts[/caption]

Best known for her work in "Scream 4" and a slew of indie flicks that hit the film festival circuit (most recently "Celeste and Jesse Forever"), Emma Roberts is about to make a leap to the big leagues. The starlet has signed on for Dito Montiel's "Empire State," which already counts Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson among its cast.

Based on true events dating back to 1982, the story follows two childhood friends (Hemsworth will play one) from Astoria, N.Y., who plot to rob an armored car depository.

According to Variety, Johnson will take on the role of the NYPD detective out to bust them and Roberts will play a waitress who becomes a love interest for Hemsworth's character.

Not too shabby, Miss Roberts. Not too shabby indeed.

Though details remain pretty scarce (and two friends attempting to rob a car doesn't sound like it can be the whole story for a movie to us), with Hemsworth and Johnson on board, we're pretty sure this isn't going to be another one of Roberts' Sundance premieres.

Roberts is currently shooting Scott Coffey's indie comedy "Adult World" with John Cusak and Evan Peters — but if you ask us, "Empire State" sounds like it might be her true foray into adulthood, er, we mean stardom.

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