The Force Is Strong With These 'Star Wars Identities' Posters

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Many "Star Wars" fanatics would love to get a sample of Darth Vader so they could chemically break down all the elements that make him such a monster badass.

Now a Canadian design firm Bleublancrouge (don't ask us what that means) has done the next-best thing and created a series of posters (via Technabob) promoting the Montreal Science Center's grand exhibition "Star Wars Identities" that takes a molecular perspective on some of the saga's coolest characters.

There's a Stormtrooper head made up of thousands of little tiny stormtroopers standing at attention in the ultimate form of fascist chic, and then there's C-3PO made up of some of the six million forms of communication he's fluent in.

The best of all is Vader, who's likeness is created using the Death Star and a million Imperial and Rebel ships, visually displaying the conflict within him.

The "Identities" exhibit, which features props and other immersive goodies from "Star Wars," opens on April 19.