Megan Fox and Adam Scott Like Bro Shakes, Hate Pubic Hair

Stop the presses! Apparently 'Edith Fartsberg' isn't Megan Fox's real name.

MTV grilled Fox and her "Friends with Kids" co-star Adam Scott on "The Yes/No Show," where the guests are limited to answers in the form of ... well, you get it.

Fox might be the only human on Earth who can explain the plot of "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," though this is coming from an actress who claims she's never sexted before. Adams, on the other hand, enjoys bro handshakes and joy riding in cars with Paul Rudd while injuring homeless people.

Watch the quippy interview, courtesy of MTV Movies Blog, and really consider this: would you also sacrifice Scott's hand for a lifetime supply of mozzarella?