Dwayne Johnson Moves to 'Ciudad'

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Pop quiz: you're two brothers who have made a name for yourselves directing off-beat comedies (like "You, Me and Dupree," "Community," "Happy Endings" and even some old-school "Arrested Development" episodes), but now you want to make an action thriller. How do you make the leap?

Sign one of the biggest action stars on the planet for your lead role. (This isn't rocket science, people.)

And that's exactly what Joe and Anthony Russo have done by nabbing Dwayne Johnson to star in "Ciudad" (Spanish, for city, fyi). The flick is based on the upcoming (ie: not yet released) graphic novel penned by the brothers and their writing partner Ande Parks, which follows a black market mercenary who is hired by a Brazilian drug lord to rescue his kidnapped daughter. We can only assume Johnson will play the mercenary in question.

While this is definitely a return to the gritty action films that made Johnson famous (besides that whole wrestling thing, of course), it's a definite departure for the Russo brothers, whose most action-oriented project to date was the two-part "paintball" episode of "Community." Umm. Yeah.

According to Collider, the Russos explained, “Exploring genre has always been a driving motivation for us as filmmakers. This movie is the culmination of a long time ambition to bring our sensibilities to an action thriller."

Sounds like they're jonesing to make this one, and we have to admit, we're pretty jazzed to see it, but since Johnson still has "Fast Six," "Pain and Gain" and "Hercules" to shoot first, we might be waiting a while to see this star do his thing in this corrupt Spanish city.