George Clooney, Brad Pitt and More Help Defeat Prop '8' Onstage

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What does it take to get people to a play these days? How about George Clooney, Kevin Bacon, Jamie Lee Curtis, Martin Sheen, John C. Reilly, and a promising theatrical newcomer named Brad Pitt.

All these celebs came out in force to participate in a live benefit reading/YouTube broadcast of Academy Award-winning "Milk" screenwriter Dustin Lance Black's play "8," based on California's monumental Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, which ruled the same-sex marriage-banning bill Proposition 8 unconstitutional in February of this year.

The reading was directed by filmmaker/noted political activist/one-time "Meathead" Rob Reiner, no stranger to charged courtroom drama after "A Few Good Men" and "Ghosts of Mississippi," who is also planning a documentary about Prop 8.

Based on the 200,000 people who tuned in for the live stream, and the estimated million before the week is out, Reiner should also consider making "When Prop 8 Met Sally."

New Directions glee club alumni Chris Colfer and Jane Lynch also took part, as did Christine Lahti, "Star Trek" helmsman George Takei, and Lisa Simpson herself, Yeardley Smith. Sheen received a standing ovation for an impassioned speech as attorney for the plaintiffs Theodore B. Olson, and "True Lies" star Jamie Lee Curtis kicked off the night with an irony-soaked aside…

"Who knows what we're going to have to do today, because personally I have never sued Arnold Schwarzenegger before," said Curtis.

You can still catch this star-studded Los Angeles production of "8" on YouTube, or you can attend one of the many readings being held around the country right now at the 8 The Play website.