These 3 Clips Are Worth 'A Thousand Words'

[caption id="attachment_115685" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="DreamWorks"]A Thousand Words[/caption]

Eddie Murphy only has "A Thousand Words" left to say before his life ends, and you gotta figure half of them will be the seven you can't say on television.

That's the premise of the new comedy that features Murphy as a Hollywood literary agent who's all flash and no substance, forced to learn the value of what he says when each word leads him closer to doom. (It might have helped Murphy's pal Brett Ratner to learn that lesson before the whole Oscar fiasco.) The lovely Kerry Washington and master of hot tub time machines Clark Duke costar.

1. We have three words that will solve the child safety issues here: Daddy Day Care.

2. It's Clark Duke's chance to prove he's got major swag.

3. If you think this is desperate, you should see what Eddie Murphy will do for Spice Girls tickets.