'That's My Boy' Trailer Puts The 'R' In Sandler

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Doing goofy voices and screaming is Adam Sandler's modus operandi, but slap on a five o'clock shadow and give him curse word carte blanche and you've got one very Happy Madison.

Don't believe us? Then check out MTV's exclusive red-band very very extremely NSFW trailer for "That's My Boy," a movie that lets the Sandman loose in ways that make the family-friendly "Jack and Jill" tumble down the hill.

In the hard R-rated comedy Sandler plays Donny, a washout ne'er-do-well who fathered a son with his teacher in high school. Years later he owes the IRS back taxes (way back, from when Sandler was still on Saturday Night Live), and decides to drop in on his now grown-up and successful progeny (Andy Samberg) on the eve of his wedding. Chaos, antics, and shenanigans ensue, most of it slathered with F-bombs and puke.

Sandler has worked very hard over the years to cultivate his young teenage audience, which is why it's amazing to finally see him go for broke in a super-filthy movie complete with strip club bachelor party and one very violated wedding dress.

Samberg makes a perfect pairing with Sandler, and it feels like one SNL vet passing the baton to the next generation. Leighton Meester goes from "Gossip Girl" to dirty girl as the foul-mouthed bride, and the cast also features James Caan, Susan Sarandon, Donald Glover, and Vanilla Ice as himself.