Clip-N-Send Sweet Movie Valentines

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Happy Valentine's Day, lovahs.

This holiday can be tough. Maybe you're surrounded by Hallmark-sponsored, public foreplay that serves as a constant reminder of your sorry sex life. Or maybe you're just destined to fail someone's unreasonable expectations.

If you're one of the lucky ones with a flesh-and-blood Valentine (and you're looking to keep it that way), you can't just throw down a couple bucks for a mass-produced card and call it a day.

Look to the experts for help; Movie writers have been making us swoon since the first days of the talkies. We've assembled some of their finer moments in these handy clip-n-send cards.


Bridesmaids Valentine

 The Artist Valentine

The Hunger Games Valentine

Cards created exclusively for NextMovie by Old Red Jalopy.

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