Cool Clicks: Jean Dujardin Dropped the F-Bomb (in French)

[caption id="attachment_113963" align="alignright" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Jean Dujardin[/caption]

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We were too busy marveling at his triumphant yelling. "The Artist" star Jean Dujardin let out the profanity in a fit of excitement after taking the stage to receive his Oscar for Best Actor, though you (like the TV censors) might not have caught it… since it was, you know, in French.

Yeah, the bit with the Muppets could've been so much more, and the presence of Razzie nominee Adam Sandler was a bit baffling. In the cold light of day, Cinema Blend reflects on the five worst moments of last night's Oscars ceremony.

We're so glad Sacha Baron Cohen was allowed to attend the Oscars as "The Dictator" so he could pour ashes all over Ryan Seacrest. Watch an artist at work if you haven't already.

"Billy, is Biebs the young Sinatra, or am I nuts?" Billy Crystal's blackface cameo as Sammy Davis Jr. in the spoof of "Midnight in Paris" seems to have caused some controversy (hey, something had to be controversial at the Oscars this year!).

Now that the winners have been named, let's stop and think about those who weren't even nominated. JoBlo conjures up a tribute reel of some notable Oscar snubs, including Charlize Theron in "Young Adult," the Chemical Brothers' score for "Hanna" and everything about "Warrior" that isn't Nick Nolte.