'Blade Runner' Star Sean Young Lands in Slammer After Post-Oscars Brawl

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Sean Young became an icon overnight when "Blade Runner" swept onto screens back in 1982, and the actress is still making headlines thirty years later — but this time, it's for landing herself in jail. Oops.

According to LA's finest, Young was arrested Sunday night after a fight broke out at the Governor's Ball, following the Academy Awards ceremony. The citizen's arrest clocked in at 9:25pm and the star was booked at the Hollywood police station for investigation of misdemeanor battery shortly thereafter.

Though details remain murky, TMZ reports that she got physical with a security guard. That's just never a good idea.

Beyond that, however, word on the street is that Young was acting, umm, erratic all night, hitting up pretty much every celebrity there (and, just to be clear, there were a lot!) to pose for photos with her. Oh, and she apparently told Angelina Jolie, "Darling, we have the same hairdresser, and girls like us need help with our hair." Umm. No comment. (For the record, Angie and Brad did still agree to mug for a snapshot with her—talk about taking one for the team!)

As reported by USA Today, Young posted $20,000 bail roughly five hours later and was released at 2:55am Monday morning. We can only hope she impressed her fellow holding cell mates with her photo album from the night.

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