Conspiracy Cop Files 'Safe House' Lawsuit

[caption id="attachment_109701" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Universal"]Safe House[/caption]

Move over, Sarah Deming*, because there's another crazy lawsuit in Tinseltown.

Apparently, the twisty turny CIA thriller "Safe House" was so similar to Marty Christopher Lawson's life that he's suing Universal to stop distributing the movie. "Safe House" came out on February 10... so he's a little slow on the draw, it seems.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lawson's nebulous complaint alleges " the plot, characters, theme, etc. of the film were ripped from his book, 'Truth or Treason,' as well as a series of videos he posted on YouTube." Lawson wasn't exactly clear on which details from his videos, book, or life were snatched for the plot of "Safe House," which seems somewhat problematic even to non-lawyerly laypersons such as ourselves. Then again, anything to do with the CIA can get even the most logical person's conspiracy juices flowing.

Lawson's reasoning might be questionable, but you've gotta give him credit for aiming high. "Safe House" opened at number two in the box office and has pulled in over $106M worldwide in two weeks. Lawson claims that it's caused him "pain and suffering," which seems a little harsh for a movie that received only mixed reviews.

* Deming filed suit against FilmDistrict because "Drive" wasn't more like "The Fast and the Furious." Her lawsuit also claimed the movie is anti-Semitic for reasons that would confound and delight Sacha Baron Cohen.