My Awkward Meeting With Paul Rudd

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If I could sum up my meeting with Paul Rudd yesterday into one word, it would be awkward.

In my experience, the funnier the celebrity, the more socially off they are. Don't get me wrong: the "Wanderlust" star is a super nice guy. When he arrived at the "Late Show with David Letterman" studio yesterday, he came right across the street and started signing – even personalizing! – autographs for fans.

Once he signed for the group of girls next to me, I promptly asked him for a picture. He ignored me.


However, as Paul made his way along the barricade signing all sorts of Judd Apatow memorabilia, I asked again. Okay, scratch that. I pleaded. I even went so far as to make puppy dog eyes at his publicist but she wasn't paying any attention to me. Feeling sheepish (read: shameless), I asked again every time Paul even looked in my general direction.

Just as the publicist announced he needed to wrap it up and get inside, Paul came back up to my end of the barricade to return the guy next to me's Sharpie, and, again, I asked for a picture. His publicist started to interfere but Paul said, "I'm just gonna get these guys right here first."

Not only did Paul finally take a picture with me, but he also got the group of girls next to me. My pleading paid off for all.

Like many of you, Professional Fan Girl Lauren Cox has always had a fascination with movie stars. She's turned her hobby – hitting premieres and other events in New York City to meet them – into a blog, and now a NextMovie column. Keep up with her adventures meeting celebs by following her on Twitter.