13 Movie Parties We Wish We'd Attended

[caption id="attachment_113983" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Warner Bros."]Project X[/caption]

From the looks of it, the party at the center of "Project X" is an epic teen throwdown to rival the best of them. No wonder, since it's produced by "The Hangover" director Todd Phillips.

To mark this Friday's release of the sure-to-be raucous flick, we've weeded through some of our favorite party films of all time to pick the 13 best movie parties we wish we'd attended. From "Animal House"s' infamous toga party to Will Ferrell streaking at a Snoop Dogg concert in "Old School," one thing's for certain: These parties rocked.

If only life were more like the movies.

'National Lampoon’s Animal House': Toga Party

As anyone who's seen this raunchy classic from John Landis ("The Blues Brothers") can attest, "Animal House" has the most epic toga party ever committed to celluloid. That's no small feat, especially considering (get this) it was the first ever one put on film. You have this movie to thank for making your time spent in college well worth it.

'Old School': Snoop Dogg Concert

In “Old School,” Mitch (Luke Wilson) dumps his long-time girlfriend and finds himself in dire straits. So what does his friend Bernard (Vince Vaughn) do? Throw an epic party, featuring a set by none other than Snoop Dogg. The party gets so out of hand that their buddy Frank (Will Ferrell) reverts back to his drunken ways and goes on a streaking rampage through the neighborhood.

'Almost Famous': The Pool Jump

Oh, how times have changed. Back in the ‘70s, pill popping was considered the norm at house parties. Now, not so much. To see how rock stars really let loose during that defining period, then look no further than the loopiest scene in “Almost Famous,” where rowdy guitarist, Russell Hammond (Billy Crudup), tripping on LSD, jumps off a roof and into a pool, screaming, “I am a golden god!” Well all righty then.

'Dazed and Confused': The Last Day of High School

Richard Linklater's coming-of-age classic is essentially one prolonged party. In other words, it's our kind of movie. The '70s-set film takes place on the last day of school at Lee High School in Austin, Texas, as next year’s group of seniors hazes the hell out of the incoming freshmen. Poor souls.

'House Party' (It's in the Title, People)

The party at the center of “House Party” is one we’d kill to attend. Dance contests, freestyle battles ... what’s not to love? The rowdy affair hosted by Play (hip-hop artist Christopher ‘Play’ Martin) almost gets disrupted by a local bully, who goes by the apt name of Stab; but luckily for Play, the police get involved, preventing Stab from ruining a good time.

'Can’t Hardly Wait': The Whole Movie

Let’s face it, the best parts about most teen movies are the party scenes. So it’s clear why we have a soft spot for this charmer -- the whole thing takes place at a single party. In “Can’t Hardly Wait,” everyone comes to their high school graduation party with an agenda. It was hard to pick, but our favorite storyline concerns Kenny (Seth Green), a wannabe rapper who's dead set on losing his virginity. Things don’t quite turn out as planned for the guy.

'Boogie Nights': The Porn Parties

If "Boogie Nights" is any indication, nobody throws a party like the porn industry. Paul Thomas Anderson's film tracks the remarkable rise of a young porn hopeful, Dirk Diggler (Mark Wahlberg in a breakout role). Along with fame come the parties, and Dirk isn’t one to hold back. The guy parties like a rock star.

'Sixteen Candles': The School Dance

As anyone familiar with the John Hughes teen classic “Sixteen Candles” knows, Samantha Baker’s (Molly Ringwald) sixteenth birthday doesn’t start off on a good note. Her big day is upstaged in favor of her big sister’s wedding, scheduled to take place the following day; her ‘sex quiz’ lands in the hands of her high school crush, Jake Ryan; and her grandparents force her to take their foreign exchange student to the school dance that night. Thankfully for Samantha, things take a turn for the better at the party when Jake, bored with his girlfriend, starts to take an interest in her.

'Harold and Kumar Escape Guantanamo Bay': The Bottomless Party

Let's face it folks, Lady Gaga knows best: Pants are overrated. Our favorite stoners, Harold (John Cho) and Kumar (Kal Penn), know this. In this loopy sequel to the teen cult favorite, Cho and Penn bare their backsides at a bottomless party where they find themselves after escaping Guantanamo Bay (it's a long story). And no, Lady Gaga wasn't invited.

'10 Things I Hate About You': Bogey Lowenstein's Party

Before Julia Stiles proved she had all the right moves in "Save the Last Dance," she showed off her hip-hop dancing skills atop a table at a rowdy party in "10 Things I Hate About You." In the teen retelling of "The Taming of the Shrew," Stiles plays Kat, an ill-tempered outcast, who makes a change for the better when she falls for Patrick (Heath Ledger). Patrick is thrown for a loop when he sees Kat shaking what her momma gave her, and so were we. Stiles got back!

'Clueless': The Valley Party

While we don't condone the smoking that goes on in the house party early in "Clueless," we are in full support of the Suck and Blow game that occupies Alica Silverstone and her friends. For anyone who's seen the teen classic, you know how to play. For those of you that haven't, what are you waiting for?

'Billy Madison': Circus Graduation Party

If your idea of a good party is watching a clown on stilts fall, break his legs and get a hemorrhage, then this one's for you. At a circus-themed third-grade graduation party, misbehaved man-child Billy Madison (Adam Sandler) has a good time at this poor clown's expense. Not to worry though, the clown lives to sing about his injury.

'Weird Science': The 'Weird' House Party

High school nerds Gary and Wyatt just want to be popular and liked by girls. Who can blame them? Their prayers are met when they create the perfect woman, who makes it her mission to turn the boys into a hot commodity. To help the sad sacks out, she throws a party, inviting anyone and everyone -- including Gary and Wyatt’s two biggest foes, bullies Max and Ian. Things take a turn for the weird when Lisa conjures up a group of mutant bikers to kick the party into high gear.