Meagan Good to Star in Whitney Houston Biopic?

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Fans of Whitney Houston may be able to see recently deceased star again sooner than they might think, even without the benefit of a trip to the other side.

"Californication" star Meagan Good told E! Online that prior to Houston's death, she and the star were in discussions to have Good play the "I Will Always Love You" singer in a film adaptation of her life.

"We were fairly in the beginning stages," Good announced on Monday night. "We were supposed to meet today actually."

While the young actress may have the right combination of looks and acting talent to portray the pop icon, when it comes to the vocals, Good would never try to live up to Houston's standard.

"I don't think we've ever had a singer in history that I remember that could sing like her," said Good. "Plus, when people see someone's life story they want to hear that person's voice because they connect with it, in their spirit and their soul. So you would have to use her voice."

As for how the movie might change in light of Houston's tragic death earlier this month, Good hopes that the film will portray the star in a positive light as an entertainer and friend.

"For anybody spending time around Whitney, she's so much fun. She's got just like a sassy attitude and is very funny and funky," said Good. "My feeling is because she has the film 'Sparkle' coming out and she's brilliant in it and she looks beautiful and healthy, my feeling was that's how we should end the movie—as a new beginning for her."