Mike Myers Teaches Kevin Kline To Mind His Oscar Manners

[caption id="attachment_112521" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="ABC"][/caption]

Though they're both gifted comedic actors with a talent for taking on multiple personas within a film, not to mention alliterative names, Mike Myers and Kevin Kline have never performed together… until now.

ABC (via Hollywood.com) thought Kline, Best Supporting Actor Oscar-winner for "A Fish Called Wanda," could use a little lesson in etiquette so as not to manhandle his poor, mistreated gold guy, so they brought in Sir Cecil Worthington (Myers).

Sir Cecil proceeded to give his willing pupil a masters course in how to carry, store, and care for his statue with proper respect. With his penchant for outlandish mnemonic devices and tossing Kline the occasional mini-Snickers bar, the rigorous Brit managed to tame the "Wild Wild West" star.

If this video is any indication of what's in store for us on Sunday night's Academy Awards broadcast, we could be in for a night to remember…