Porn Is Just Another Boring Job in 'Cherry' Trailer

[caption id="attachment_112260" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Enderby Entertainment"]James Franco in Cherry[/caption]

"500 dollars is an awful lot of money for lying around in your underwear."

It's an at least semi-convincing argument for pursuing a career as an adult film model, and it's the only line that's said with something resembling passion and conviction in the trailer for "Cherry," director Stephen Elliott's mumblecore expose of the porn industry.

Ashley Hinshaw stars as Angelina (no symbolism in the name there, we're sure), a bored and disaffected teenage runaway who becomes a bored and disaffected porn model after running away to San Francisco, where she gets involved with a drug-addicted lawyer (James Franco), becomes the muse of an ex-porn star turned photographer (Heather Graham) and attempts to convince her mom (Lili Taylor) that she's actually just working as a humble (and fully-clothed) office temp.

The sleepy tone and performances make "Cherry" look like a companion piece to Gus Van Sant's low-budget exploration of the alienation that comes with celebrity, "Last Days," though not exactly in a good way -- Elliott might be mistaking emotional aloofness for a complete lack of personality. Still, Franco's always an amusing presence, and he manages to steal the trailer in just a couple of brief appearances; Graham also looks to be playing what could be seen as a middle-aged version of her Rollergirl character from "Boogie Nights," which is kind of interesting.

Anyway, watch the trailer (courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter) and decide for yourself whether "Cherry" is more than tiresome than titillating. The film recently premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and will hit theaters later this year.