'Captain America' Star Accuses BAFTA Rising Star Voters of Sexism

[caption id="attachment_25371" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Paramount"]Hayley Atwell in Captain America[/caption]

The BAFTA Awards have most of the trimmings of the Academy Awards, but with one big exception: the Orange Rising Star Award, which is voted on by the public.

While previous Rising Star noms and winners have included a mix of male and female actors like Emma Stone, Kristen Stewart, Eva Green and Emily Blunt, this year's final five was a sausage fest.

One would-be nominee, "Captain America: The First Avenger" star Hayley Atwell," isn't just sittin' pretty about it.

The first round of voting — by the public — booted off Felicity Jones, Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain. The final list of nominees for the Rising Star were Chris O'Dowd from "Bridesmaids," "Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston from "Thor," Eddie Redmayne from "My Week with Marilyn" and winner Adam Deacon.

Industry-watchers weren't the only ones giving the lady-free list a side eye or two. Atwell, who lead as Peggy Carter in the summer blockbuster, had some choice words about the matter.

During a fancy dinner before the awards, Atwell commented, "There were girls on the longlist and I think it's really odd that girls haven't made it where guys have … We'd hope that gender doesn't really come into it and it's about the body of work that they produce that year, but it seems that hasn't been the case."

The initial list of eight is chosen by seven men and six women, and the award was created in honor of casting director Mary Selway, whose work paved the way for so many stars we see today. It's unfortunate that an award that seems to be carefully chosen by people invested in giving male and female actors equal face time ended up being dominated by dudes.

If it's in the hands of the voting public, maybe it's time for ladies across the pond to get voting, too.

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