Oscar Announces Sci-Tech Award Winners

It may not have quite the same glamor of the star studded red carpet, but last night's Academy Award ceremony honoring this year's winners in the Sci-Tech categories still had it's share of mojo as Milla Jovovich presented Oscars to the innovators who work behind the scenes to create the technology that powers modern filmmaking.

Sound boring? Well, that's only because you haven't heard about the sweet digital capabilities of the Arrilaser Film Recorder.

Move over, Brad Pitt, because the true sexiness has just arrived.

And while receiving the only true Oscar of the night was a highlight for Arri (the other winners got plaques or certificates, kind of like at a season-ending little league banquet), the company that built the Arrilaser Film Recorder believes this is just the first step towards some even cooler digital magic.

"We are very pleased that we receive the Oscar in particular for this product because it is the first digital system Arri ever built," Arri bigwig Franz Kraus said. "The Arrilaser has been a success in itself, but it was really the foundation to further digital projects: the Arriscan (film scanner) and the Arriflex D-20 (digital camera). Without those products there would not have been the in-house engineering competence and the customer confidence for the successful design and marketing of the Alexa camera."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Franz.

For a full rundown of honorees, check out The Hollywood Reporter. And in the meantime, well, just enjoy the hotness of presenter Milla Jovovich.

Because without the fantastic technical work of the men and women honored last night, you'd never get to see that.