MovieTracker Debuts on VH1's 'Morning Buzz Live'

Forget Clarissa, our own Senior Editor Brooke Tarnoff explains it all around here on a daily basis, and today she appeared as her glamorous self on VH1's "Morning Buzz Live" to chat up our smokin' hot MovieTracker app.

"Buzz Live" host Carrie Keagan talks to any number of entertainment industry tastemakers every weekday from the lobby of VH1's headquarters, and Brooke was there to discuss how MovieTracker brings the power back to the people by eliminating the middle men and getting feedback directly from movie audiences about all the flicks they crave.

From current #1 position "The Vow" to Super Bowl darling "The Avengers," MovieTracker is listening to what you're saying, Tweeting, or blogging about and letting your voice be heard. Watch Brooke charm the VH1 audience in the clip above.