Susanne Bier Taking the Helm of 'Cutting For Stone' Adaptation

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Turning a novel into a movie is challenge enough, but when that novel happens to be more than 600 pages long, you've got a real uphill climb — which is why Susanne Bier, who directed the 2011 Best Foreign Language Oscar winner, "In A Better World," has her work cut out for her as the recently appointed director of the film adaptation of "Cutting for Stone."

The best-selling tale, penned by Abraham Verghese, has sold more than a million copies worldwide and has the powers-that-be in Hollywood licking their chops. (Hey, those suits know a sure thing when they see it.)

The story follows twin brothers, the product of a forbidden relationship between an Indian nun and British surgeon, who are born in an Ethiopian mission hospital. Orphaned after the death of their mother, both boys follow in their father's footsteps and become doctors as well — continuing to work at the mission hospital as Ethiopia begins to come-of-age in the modern world. (Note: Usually when a country "comes-of-age," it means lots of political and social unrest ... and danger).

In other words, this is serious stuff.

According to Indie Wire, Scott Teems (the scribe behind "That Evening Sun") will write the screenplay. Though there's no word yet on when this drama with start shooting (though we suspect it will be sometime after said screenplay is finished), Bier may have a remake of the French thriller "Rapt" in her date book before this anyway. It's a big task to condense an epic into a two-hour film, but if anyone can do it, we're pretty sure it's this Oscar-winning gal.