Hollywood Looks to Board the 'Soul Train'

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Talk about your glass half full scenario: According to The Hollywood Reporter, the recent suicide of Don Cornelius, who founded and hosted the classic 1970s dance show "Soul Train," may spur interest in a "Soul Train" movie that Cornelius was unable to find backers for while he was still alive.

Does that seem ... not quite right to anybody else?

For millions of viewers, "Soul Train" was more than just a TV show. It was a cultural touchstone, introducing fans to new music, acts and dance moves in the days before you could find that sort of thing on the internet (since there was no internet). Despite this, however, Cornelius struggled for more than a decade to convince Hollywood that a "Soul Train" film was a good idea. Nothing worked.

Nothing, apparently, except dying, because thanks to the recent media coverage of Cornelius' death on Feb. 1 by apparent suicide, "Soul Train" is suddenly a viral sensation — and that means every studio in town is looking for a piece of the action.

"Certainly we want to proceed in a way that will highlight the contribution of Don to the creation of the brand and its subsequent impact on American culture," Soul Train Holdings CEO Kenard Gibbs said in explaining their new collaboration with the WME talent agency to create not just a film, but also a musical and possibly even a new "Soul Train" TV show.

What a strange world we live in.