Miley Cyrus Leaves 'Hotel Transylvania,' Selena Gomez Checks in

[caption id="attachment_69440" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Getty Images"]Miley Cyrus[/caption]

In a kind of meta teen rebellion, Miley Cyrus has ditched the role of Drac's daughter in Adam Sandler's animated film "Hotel Transylvania."

E! Online first reported Miley Cyrus' sudden departure. While some tongues were wagging that Cyrus was more invested in partying than working, another source said, "Cyrus simply decided to take some more time to figure out what her next move in the movies should be."

Considering she's got at least two coming out in 2012, that's sort of understandable.

Then again, maybe the story of an undead daddy who wanted to give his little girl everything and keep her away from the outside world hit a little too close to home for the former Disney princess. The daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus has been trying for years to shed her squeaky clean "Hannah Montana" image.

Her next movie, "LOL," has all the hallmarks of a rebellious teen movie — partying, sex, drugs and a super hot musician boyfriend. Another upcoming project, "So Undercover," is an action/comedy where she plays a private investigator who infiltrates a sorority. She costars with Jeremy Piven, which is enough to give any parent nightmares.

E! wasn't wasting any time following up on the story, though. Marc Malkin later reported that he heard from Sandler's rep that Selena Gomez would be replacing Cyrus. Gomez is also looking to buck her clean-cut image with a role in "Spring Breakers," where she'll play a gal so hell bent on partying in Florida for spring break that she and her besties rob a fast food restaurant.

Whew! Got all that?