Jean Dujardin Auditions For Every Villain Role Ever

[caption id="attachment_110473" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Funny or Die"]Jean Dujardin [/caption]

"Larry Crowne? More like Larry drown!"

It's true -- a lot of European actors get their first big American break by playing a villain in an action movie -- Jean Reno did "Mission: Impossible," Christoph Waltz did "Inglorious Basterds" and Michael Nyqvist did "Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol." This is obviously the path meant for Jean Dujardin, the Oscar-nominated star of "The Artist." But in what big Hollywood action movie should he play the bad guy?

How about all of them?

In one of the funniest Funny or Die (or, rather, "le funny ou die") sketches to come out in quite some time, Dujardin auditions for almost every possible upcoming action sequel imaginable, including "Skyfall," "Die Hard 5," "Sherlock Holmes 3," "The Girl Who Played with Fire" ("Your dragon tattoo cannot save you now!") and "Spy Kids 5D" -- and a few unimaginable, such as "Jack and Jill 2," "We Bought a Zoo Too," "Larry Crowne 2" and "Bridesmaids 2."

Shall we just give this man an Oscar right now (or at least a part in one of these movies)?