Paul Rudd Is One 'Lucky Dog'

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A tree may grow in Brooklyn, but if you can't find it there, don't worry, because Paul Rudd 's got one — and he'll be happy to sell it to you.

Sound weird? Well, don't worry, Rudd hasn't given up the life of a Hollywood star to become New York's most charismatic arborist; according to Deadline, he's actually getting ready to shoot the upcoming comedy "Lucky Dog," about a con-man turned Christmas tree salesman.

No wonder mommy was kissing Santa Claus.

But before you start thinking this is another feel-good story about someone learning the true meaning of Christmas, well, think again.

See, "Lucky Dog" is being filmed by director Phil Morrison, who is best known as the auteur behind the indie dramedy "Junebug," which earned Amy Adams an Oscar nomination back in 2006.

And while Adams won't be around this time, Rudd will have some pretty high profile company, as he's being joined by Paul Giamatti for a story that "centers on a pair of French-Canadian conmen pals who, despite being on the outs with each other, hatch a get-rich-quick scheme to sell Christmas trees in NY."

Add in the always awesome Sally Hawkins and you may not have a recipe for holiday cheer, but you definitely have a recipe for box office magic.