'The Bourne Legacy' Trailer Asks: Who Is Jeremy Renner?

[caption id="attachment_102701" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Universal"]The Bourne Legacy[/caption]

The first trailer for the upcoming action thriller "The Bourne Legacy" has just hit the internet and all we can say is, Matt Damon who?

Okay, we're being facetious — we love you, Matt! Don't cut off our water supply! — but ever since it was announced that the folks behind the "Bourne" movies would be going ahead with the franchise even without superstar Damon's involvement, well, let's just say we were as skeptical as everyone else. But now that skepticism has been snuffed out.

All all it took was one high velocity nail to the frontal lobe from new "Bourne" headliner Jeremy Renner.

Before you get up in arms, Renner doesn't actually play Bourne; that role is being left vacant in case Damon decides to return in the future. Instead, the film picks off where "The Bourne Ultimatum" left off, as Joan Allen's government agent, Pamela Landy, continues her quest to track down the sleeper agents created by the shadowy sub-agency Treadstone. But when she stumbles upon Renner, well, let's just say everybody involved may have gotten a lot more than they bargained for.

"The Bourne Legacy" hits theaters on Au. 3, but you can check out the trailer right now, courtesy of Apple Trailers. If you dare.