Steve Martin Makes Amy Adams an 'Object of Beauty'

[caption id="attachment_36232" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Amy Adams[/caption]

Steve Martin has the right idea. First, become an international movie star. Second, write a book. Third, turn that book into a charming and successful movie. Fourth... do that again.

You may remember a lovely little movie called "Shopgirl" with Claire Danes and Jason Schwartzman — it was based on a book that Mr. Martin wrote.

Impressed? We were. Which is why we're so excited that Martin is at it again—this time with his veteran literary effort, "An Object of Beauty."

According to Indie Wire, this go-round is starting to pick up some steam because Amy Adams has signed on for the lead (and will produce as well).

The story follows Lacey Yeager (seriously, how great a name is that?), a Sotheby's trained art entrepreneur, who sleeps and schemes her way to the top of the New York art world and opens her own gallery along the way.

It's being described as a "sardonic morality tale," and if it captures any of Martin's natural wit, it should have some LOL moments to boot. Though it's in its early stages, this premise has promise to be an object of beauty indeed.