POLL: Who's The Fairest Evil Queen of Them All?

[caption id="attachment_109444" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Relativity / Pepsi / Universal"][/caption]

If you're like us, last night's Super Bowl was a dream come true. No, not because of the game itself — let's be serious here — but because of the cool commercials, especially the Pepsi ad where Elton John reigned as a benevolent (?) monarch over the cola-starved people of his oppressed land.

The best part? How eerily similar his performance was to that of Julia Roberts in the trailers for the upcoming Snow White adaptation "Mirror Mirror."

And naturally, that got us (and our astute twitter followers) thinking: Just who is the fairest Evil Queen of all? There's been plenty of debate already, with fans picking sides between Roberts and Charlize Theron, who will be playing the baddie in the upcoming Kristen Stewart epic "Snow White and the Huntsman." But does Elton John top both of them?

There's only one way to decide for sure. So vote in our poll — and help us determine once and for all just who the best Evil Queen really is.