Use the New Ryan Gosling Channel to Channel Ryan Gosling

[caption id="attachment_24419" align="alignleft" width="220" caption="Getty Images"]Ryan Gosling[/caption]

When you're hot; you're hot. And Ryan Gosling is on fire — figuratively, of course.

The 31-year-old thesp is taking cable waves by storm this February, as Time Warner Cable's Movies On Demand channel will feature a whopping eight of the star's most popular movies, The Wrap reports. But wait; there's more.

While scrolling through TWC's movie listings, you may notice a new genre pop up. No, it's not romantic thriller, though we think that has promise, and it's not horror comedy. It's Ryan Gosling.

That's right, Ryan Gosling is now his own movie genre. Not bad for a guy whose big break was "Young Hercules." Seriously, look it up.

Among the Gosling-starrers featured are the Oscar-nominated "Drive" (he's up for the Best Male Lead Independent Spirit Award for that one), "Crazy Stupid Love" (which earned him a Golden Globe Best Actor nomination earlier this year), "The Ides of March" (which earned him a second Golden Globe Best Actor nomination earlier this year), "Lars and the Real Girl," "Fracture," "Murder by Numbers," "Remember the Titans" and, of course, "The Notebook" — the film that turned him from hunky heartthrob to Hollywood's most in-demand leading man.

So as the dreaded V-day creeps closer, don't despair. Just grab your best Snuggie, a bowl of popcorn and curl up on the sofa with Ryan Gosling… er… you know what we mean.