Michelle Williams Trailer Invites You to 'Take This Waltz'

[caption id="attachment_109365" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Magnolia Pictures"]Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen in "Take This Waltz"[/caption]

Michelle Williams is just totally amazeballs.

Seriously, after watching her performances in films like "My Week with Marilyn" (Oscar nomination), "Blue Valentine" (Oscar nomination) or "Brokeback Mountain" (Oscar... you get the drift), we'll pretty much follow her anywhere at this point. Which is just one reason we're so happy to see the trailer for her newest indie film.

"Take This Waltz?" Don't mind if we do, Michelle.

Of course, Williams isn't the only reason we're excited about this one. The film also stars Seth Rogen in a rare serious role (well, serious-ish), as well as Sarah Silverman and up-and-comer Luke Kirby. And the story of a married lady (that's Williams) who finds herself enticed by a new man (that's Kirby) is also directed by Sarah Polley, who previously earned raves for her first film, the Oscar-nominated hit "Away From Her."

All of which adds up to this sweet new trailer from YouTube. but really, they had us at Michelle Williams. And here's just one more reason why.