6 Reasons to Stop Hating on Vanessa Hudgens

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Time to 'fess up -- you've been secretly hating on Vanessa Hudgens for a while now, and with no real good reason. Sure, she's had a few rough TV moments. And yes, she starred in one of the most annoying gimmicky movie franchises in modern history, but she's not some drug-addled child star who couldn't transition to adulthood, either.

In fact, it's just the opposite. Now that her latest flick, "Journey 2: The Mysterious Island" (alongside "Hunger Games" heartthrob Josh Hutcherson, no less) is just around the corner, we assembled a list of just a few reasons to stop hating on the Hudge. Vanessa, you're welcome.

1. You don't hate on Ryan Gosling for being a Mickey Mouser. Or Justin. Or Christina. Or Britney. Okay, maybe Britney a little (she kind of deserves it) -- but you get what we're saying, right? So many legit stars got their start on that teenybopper show it really doesn't seem fair to hold it against Hudgens. Seriously, have you seen the pictures of Gosling in his faux-letterman jacket and Zack Morris haircut when he ran with Mickey's gang? If you can forgive him, you can forgive her.

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2. She's charitable. Really, she is -- and we're not talking about the kind of charity where she writes a check and calls it a day. She really works to promote causes she believes in. Just a few of the charities she's teamed up with in recent years include Habitat for Humanity, Keep a Child Alive, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Oh, and just a few days ago, she auctioned off the gown she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards to benefit Stand Up to Cancer. You've gotta admit, that's an impressive list even for someone who isn't famous.

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3. She's starting to make bold career choices. True, she got her start in the world of fluorescent leggings and shows in which the majority of the plot happens through dancing, but she was a kid back then! She was surprisingly winning as a would-be rocker chick in "Bandslam"; and now that she's all growed up, she's picking grown-up movies to match. Last year's "Sucker Punch" marked a turning point, and in her upcoming drama, "Gimme Shelter," she plays a teen who sets out to find her Wall Street father and is forced into a desperate journey for survival on the streets. We're pretty sure there's no dancing in that.

4. Who hasn't taken a nude picture or two? You know you've done it, against your better judgment, because everyone has taken nude photos at some point. So is it really that big a deal that Hudgens is just like the rest of us and grabbed a camera one moment when she was feeling particularly confident? We sure don't think so, and deep down, neither do you, so give the girl a break. It wasn't like she posed for Playboy in her Mickey Mouse ears -- though that's not a terrible idea.

5. She broke up with Zefron for you. So, maybe she didn't break up with him for you, specifically, but she did call it quits just the same, and that's gotta count for something. She and Efron were basically attached at the hip from the moment they met, and the twosome became a staple Hollywood star couple. It's hard enough to break up with your significant other even when the whole world doesn't always expect you to be a package deal at every photo op, but she did it -- and for that, we commend her.

6. She's smokin' hot. Uh, in case you haven't noticed (and missed the aforementioned nude photos), this girl is hot. Really hot. Most of us go through what is commonly coined an "awkward phase" between childhood and our 20s, but she somehow skipped it entirely, transforming from adorable little girl to gorgeous young woman almost overnight. What's more, she looks as good in beat-up jeans as in evening gowns, and if that's not a good enough reason to stop hating on her, we don't know what is.