'Drive' Director Confirms Gosling's Character Was A Werewolf

[caption id="attachment_79002" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="FilmDistrict"]Drive[/caption]

In the latest installment of "When Crazy European Directors Make Us LOL," filmmaker Nicolas Winding Refn has confirmed several wild interpretations of his runaway success "Drive," not least of which that Ryan Gosling's wheelman character is a werewolf.

Take that, "Twilight!"

The maker of bonkers movies like "Valhalla Rising" and "Bronson" fanned the flames of fanatic symbolism to The Playlist, where Refn also drew comparisons to Frankenstein, Brothers Grimm fairy Tales, as well as the supernatural connection between he and Gosling.

"It was like we had a telekinetic relationship and we became one," says Refn, "so yes, Ryan, the character is a man who deep down within is a werewolf because deep down he’s a man who's psychotic, but he's also a man who's two people – he's one person by day and one person by night. So Ryan's analysis is completely correct in how he verbalizes it; I may verbalize it in a different way, but the core is exactly the same DNA."

He goes on to describe his bullet-hammering, head-stomping LA crime saga "Drive" as a "movie about what I would do and the purity of love between my wife and myself." Ohhhhhhhh-kaaaaaay.

Although the critical and audience favorite only got a "Blue Ribbon For Effort" Best Achievement in Sound Editing nomination from this year's Oscars, it did cement the working relationship between Refn and Gosling, currently both hard at work in Thailand on "Only God Forgives"… at least we think it's only a working relationship…

"It’s like a heart – it needs blood to pump, so in a way it’s like sexual," muses Refn. "Filmmaking is very sexual, because it’s about working with your collaborators as intensely as a sexual experience, figuring out what the other person likes, needs, and can contribute to the emotion that you’re trying to build."