Katy Perry in Talks to Bring 3-D Fireworks to the Big Screen

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Boom, boom, boom. Katy Perry may be brightening screening room, room, rooms.

Everyone's favorite California gurl is in talks with Paramount for a 3-D movie about herself.

The documentary-style flick would be anchored in performance footage of the singer/ songwriter and presumably would also have "behind the scenes" clips mixed in.

We can just see Ms. Perry bouncing around her dressing room in half of an ice cream cone costume now.

Though the discussions are still in the early stages and no director is on board just yet, the future of this project is looking bright. The powers-that-be are eager to repeat the success of "Justin Bieber: Never Say Never," which was released just less than a year ago and holds the domestic box office record for a concert film. (According to The Hollywood Reporter, it grossed $73 million, just to put things in perspective.) From these initial rumblings, it sure sounds like the suits over at Paramount think Perry has the power to replicate this success.

A Katy Perry concert movie would only strengthen the recent trend of concert films coming back in vogue. It seems the key to these new "documentaries" is including access to the personal lives of the stars so that fans get an inside peek at … well … what it's really like to be the ex-Mrs. Russell Brand  set off a firework or two.