Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Heading For 'The Tomb'

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UPDATE: Arnold Schwarzenegger will indeed be joining his "Expendables" pal Sylvester Stallone for "The Tomb," according to Deadline.

In a perfect world, Arnold would be playing the sadistic warden who constantly torments Sly's noble prisoner character with his maniacal laugh, but he'll actually be playing a fellow inmate who ends up assisting Stallone as he tries to break out of a maximum security prison that he designed.

Mikael Hafstrom ("The Rite," "1408") will be directing "The Tomb," which will commence with production later this year.

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It's been a long time coming, but it looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger is back (no, it's not another "Terminator" flick). That's right, the Governator is reportedly in talks to join his old friend Sly Stallone in the upcoming film, "The Tomb."

The action flick centers around Ray Breslin, an expert on structural security for high-security prisons, who (ironically) gets framed… and must escape (from one of his own high-tech prisons?) to discover who put him there. And talk it out probably kill them or something.

If this action flick sounds familiar, it's most likely because Bruce Willis was originally slated to play the lead character, with Antoine Fuqua set to direct. When Willis backed out, rumors started flying that Schwarzenegger would play Ray instead—but then he decided to star in "Last Stand" instead, Ain't It Cool News recaps. Oh, and then along the way they sort of lost the director too.

That's when Stallone came in to save the day and sign on for the lead, and now, his BFF may be interested in another role in the film. If Schwarzenegger makes it official, he and Sly will be headed full speed ahead toward a serious career revival.

And yeah, that is pretty cool.

Originally published on Thursday, Jan. 12, 2012 at 11:05 a.m. ET.